Our mission is to inspire, motivate, educate, and empower writers of all levels and to nurture a deep appreciation for the power of literature to illuminate what matters most.

Who we are: Julianna Thibodeaux is the founder of Marblehead Writers’ Workshop. Born in Minnesota and raised in Massachusetts and Indiana, she returned to New England in 2014. She honed her writing chops as a freelance journalist, arts writer, adjunct professor, and magazine editor before returning to graduate school to earn her MFA and shift her focus towards creative writing, teaching, and publishing. She continues to serve as creative nonfiction editor for the Indiana-based literary magazine Flying Island and is finishing up her first novel and a memoir. As we build the organization, we will continue to introduce our roster of instructors. If you’re interested in teaching for us, reach out to us here.

Note: If you’re here looking for Julianna’s writing and editing services, or to hire her as a consultant or coach, please visit this link: juliannathibodeaux.com. She looks forward to working with you!

What we offer: High-quality writing instruction and ongoing writing support in Marblehead and surrounding towns. Future plans include special-interest writing groups. If you have an idea for one, let us know.

Our Story: When I moved back to Massachusetts in the summer of 2014 after spending more than three decades in Indiana, I had left behind a great creative writing teaching gig back in Indianapolis at the Indiana Writers Center. I taught everything from memoir writing to general nonfiction along with specialty classes for mothers and women. Some classes continued (upon request) for months or in some cases, years; the students having formed a close bond as they pursued their interest in writing more—and writing better—in the company of their peers.

It took about a year of exploring different options in my new home town to realize there was another way to meet the needs of writers locally who are either new to the writing thing or looking for ongoing instruction and a supportive network of kindred sprits. To this end, my goal is to offer high-quality creative writing instruction in more intimate, non-threatening (i.e., non-classroom) settings—sometimes without a dedicated space.

Thus Marblehead Writers’ Workshop was born: a series of “pop up” and not always site-specific creative writing classes intended to foster a community of writers within Marblehead and surrounding North Shore communities.

Come back often as we continue to develop our classes and programs.